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Li-An Chen Piano Studio


Ms. Chen has been teaching piano to me (age 13) and my brothers (age 11 and 8) for nearly one year now. I have played the piano since age 6 and Ms. Chen is my 4th teacher. I think that she is the best piano teacher I have had. She is always pleasant, positive and encouraging. She makes the lessons fun and the hour goes by so fast. I have been able to explore different types of music and have even started composing. My mom said that my brothers and I have made so much more progress in the past year compared to the previous years. Even my brother who used to not like piano and hated to practice has been enjoying the piano since he is so much better now. I have had teachers who focused on musicality, others on technique and sight reading - Ms. Chen has a well - rounded approach and still maintains our technique while enjoying the music. My mom is very happy with Ms. Chen and so are we.

Megan Ha

Fabulous teacher. I've had piano teachers previously and Li-An has given me the most effective and fun experience by far. But wherever your current level is, you can improve with Li-An.

Lauren Golis

Li-An has been a gift to me. I have been playing music for many years, and teach it as well, and I wanted to expand my classical piano playing and teaching skills. Li-An has given me insights about technique, sound quality/musicality, and reading that I have never heard before. In the short span that I have been studying with her, my playing and teaching have taken significant strides forward. She had a very robust teaching style and it is no surprise to me how she keeps so busy. One notable thing to me is her very effective use of non-musical examples (such as artwork, movie clips, personal stories) to convey musical points that can be hard to articulate other ways. She does this, I think, as a way of getting the student to grasp the concept rather than imitate the result. Some teachers focus on getting their students to imitate their own sound/interpretation. Li-An teaches in a way that keeps the student's personal voice the priority, and teaches technique, reading, theory, to serve that end. I'm very grateful for what I'm gaining from her and look forward to what's ahead.

Michael Lindsay

Li-An, Thank you. Thank you for always inspiring me, both in music and life. Thank you for teaching me how to appreciate the music, and even more come to love it. You helped me to find my passion for teaching, something that I will be forever indebted to you for. Thank you for challenging me, and giving me the opportunity to grow both musically and as a person. Most importantly though, thank you for always being such an amazing role model and mentor.

Olivia Henry

Ms. Chen is the best piano teacher you can find in the DC/ Northern Virginia area. She has over 25 years of experience in teaching and are very effective in improving students skills. Her teaching style combines appreciation for art and music together making it very comprehensive for students at all ages. You not only learn the techniques but also develop a sophisticated sense for music and art which is priceless. I have been taking lessons at her studio for almost a year now and I'm already playing at intermediate level.

Susan Wright

Li-An is a very dedicated teacher and knowledgeable about how to help each student learn at their own pace. She challenged me to work hard and she focused on the appropriate things to really help me progress as a musician. I have improved so much since I started only 7 months ago.

Marissa Holdaway

My daughter has taken lessons from Li-An for five years and I cannot recommend her instruction highly enough. Li-An is the rare teacher that connects with her students to motivate them on a personal level. I've seen my daughter struggle to focus as she transitioned from elemetary school to middle school and Li-An has found a way to keep my daughter interested in learning more about piano as well as expand her own abilities in musical theory. My daughter comes from practice with renewed enthusiasm every week! If only her teachers at school could provide the same... If you want a teacher that is going to be affective in her approach and remain a trusted friend to you or your student, a teacher that makes you want to learn and have fun doing it, Li-An is the one.

Lt Colonel Vitessa Del Prele

My 22 year old son – who is autistic and recently aged-out of high school – needs mentally stimulating activities. I, a 50 something, played piano for a few years as a kid but reached a plateau and quit. I regretted quitting and wanted to give it another try, so my son and I decided to take piano together.

We clicked with Li-An at the interview. She listened intently about our goal of having an activity to share and enjoy. We do not want piano to become a chore. Li-An continues to ask about and adapt to our learning styles. Her methods make piano fun and reinforce the fundamentals I lacked that kept me from progressing off my plateau as a child. She teaches and assigns lesson books that develop technique, sight reading, theory, rhythm and playing. She ensures we progress with all aspects before moving on. She keeps it fun, fresh and never frustrates. We are feeling pride in how much we have accomplished. We look forward to the lessons and practice that are an invigorating work-out for the mind. We are grateful we found Li-An - our gifted and thoughtful teacher.

Colonel Brendan McCallister & Lt. Colonel Joyce McCallister

Growing up, my parents enrolled me in music lessons, but the music stopped when I entered the working world. Years later, I am now able to afford a piano of my own, and Ms. Chen is helping bring music back into my life. Her approach to teaching is equally balanced between the physical, mechanical nuts and bolts of proper technique and creating a holistic, intangible connection with audible art. Perhaps most importantly, Ms. Chen is able to identify the tools I need to bring the music out of myself, and her focus is on helping me to express what is inside of me via the keyboard. I'm glad to have found a teacher who emphasizes both proper technique as well as musicality, and I have no hesitation in recommending Ms. Chen as a teacher.

J.D. Spencer Layton

Li An Chen is a fantastic piano teacher. She has not only taught my two daughters (ages 9 and 6) to play piano, but has taught them to read music as well! She requires a lot of work from them, but they do it, and love to play. The progress we have seen in just 6 short months is truly amazing. They are even planning to play a duet together in their elementary school talent show. I have heard from other parents in our school that my girls play better than their children who have been taking lessons for years! I truly believe it is because Li An doesn’t just teach them to play - she teaches them music theory as well. I would recommend Li An without reservations!!

Megan Booth

Li-An Chen is a wonderful and inspiring piano teacher. Piano lessons from Li-An were a gift from my husband. I hadn't played since I was 13 years old, and now at almost 50, I must admit I was skeptical. But amazingly, Li-An was able to quickly assess my level and she immediately began to improve my playing abilities. Her skill in tailoring lessons to the individual is impressive. Li-An is tremendously talented, and very gifted in her ability to instruct. Her knowledge of technique and the finer points of playing a piece are masterful, and far more sophisticated than anything I had been taught in the past. In less than 3 months, she had me playing in a recital, and playing a piece that was far more difficult than anything I have ever played. It was amazing! She is always positive and encouraging, and inspires her students to believe in themselves. I would highly recommend Li-An as a teacher, for students both young and old!

Melissa Denkler

Taught my daughter well such that she learned very fast and has maintained interest.

Eric Tidd

When I was 11 years old, I switched to Ms. Chen’s Piano Studio. I have been with her for a little more than 1 year now. I started taking piano lessons when I was 6 years old, but Ms. Chen is the one who made learning piano more interesting. Ms. Chen is very encouraging, positive, understanding, and kind. Before I came to her piano studio, I didn’t enjoy playing piano that much, now I love to learn and practice piano. She makes every piano lesson an enjoyable and fun experience. Every week, I look forward to my lesson; the one hour lesson always goes by so fast. Since I’ve come to Ms. Chen’s Piano Studio, I have been able to explore and learn many different styles of piano music, such as jazz, classical, baroque, pop etc. Ms. Chen is very patient; she teaches me a ton of skills. She also helps me improve my techniques. When I switched to Ms. Chen, my sight-reading was terrible. Now, it’s gotten a lot better, and I can read music so much easier. Ms. Chen has the perfect blend of the teaching skills. During every lesson, I learn more and new knowledge about piano. I’m glad Ms. Chen is my piano teacher.

Mary Jane Lin

Li-An Chen was our daughter's piano teacher for 10 months while we lived in Alexandria, before moving to the West Coast. Li-An is an amazing piano teacher and mentor for anyone seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in piano studies. She is highly experienced and very professional. Our daughter, Liesl, enjoyed her lessons and knew how to practice at home during the week because of Li-An's clear instruction. We were impressed with the thought and effort Li-An put into each lesson. She truly focuses on each student, learning what motivates and inspires that individual. She is able to calmly and patiently work through difficult pieces and techniques. Our daughter's sight reading skills improved by leaps and bounds with Li-An. One of the highlights of Liesl's year was attending a piano concert at George Mason University, courtesy of Li-An. This is another

example of how dedicated Li-An is to her student's success. She also provided a wide range of pieces in different styles for practice. Li-An's teaching helped our daughter achieve a 'superior' rating in her first piano solo festival. Li-An's recitals are another excellent learning experience for her students. She creates a positive atmosphere during her recitals, which motivates her students to share the pieces they've worked on for the audience. The individualized teaching, motivation to practice at home, and performance opportunities provided by Li-An gave Liesl the best start in her piano studies. We are amazed at her progress in this short time with Li-An. We would not hesitate to give Li-An our highest recommendation as a piano teacher.

Colonel Greg Johnson & Stephanie Johnson

Li-An is truly a gifted and talented piano teacher. My 5-year old daughter has been a student since February 2011. taking one-hour lessons each week, and we could not be happier with her progress and results. Li-An has a wonderful teaching style and tailors each lesson to meet my daughter's needs and mood. She is able to make the challenging lessons fun, with patience and creativity. My daughter is so proud of herself, and Li-An has instilled so much confidence in her. She played "Happy Birthday" to me in July to cheers and tears, and She is very much looking forward to playing Christmas songs!! My daughter adores Li-An and really enjoys going to her weekly lessons. I would recommend Li-An Chen Piano Studio!

Crystal Birnie

About two years ago, I got this crazy idea of teaching myself to play the piano....It didn't take too long before I gave up and throw in the towel.

Fortunately, around April 2011, I had the chance to watch my niece taking her piano lesson with Li-An as her instructor. I was very fascinated by her teaching techniques and her patience. I was also fascinated by how well my 7 years old niece was playing. That same day, I mentioned to Li-An, that I would love to learn the piano but starting something new at my age (40's) is hard and frustrating. From our first conversation, I was impressed by how supportive and encouraging she was. She expressed interest in me as a person and as a player which had made it very easy. In my few weeks of lesson, I could actually play so many songs. I couldn't believe it. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone and any age thinking of turning their dreams of playing piano into reality.

Li-An, thank you for making my dream come true. You are awesome. Without you I wouldn't have accomplish this. Again, thank you.

Yodit Amd

Ms. Chen is an amazing piano teacher! I am 17 years old and I started piano not very long ago, When I was 16. I had never played piano before, but I had decided that I was really interested in learning how to play. After reading all the positive reviews on Ms. Chen's site, and having a consultation with her, I decided that I wanted her to be my teacher. About a month after taking lessons from her, I was able to play a song that I have loved since I was young. I am always improving and excited when I am able to master songs that I love. Ms. Chen always gives me positive feedback and tells me how much I have progressed. Even if I walk away from a lesson disappointed with myself, I feel happy because of how supportive she is. I enjoy taking piano lessons from Ms. Chen, and I marvel at how skilled I am after only a short time. I whole-heartedly recommend her.

Rebecca Kellerman

Excellent. She has a wonderful philosophy, based on sound educational practices and experience, that works!

Melissa Casamo

Best piano teacher in the area, we (my 4 kids and myself) are taking lessons from Li-An years ago, we tried other teachers, no other teachers can compare with her. She is very patient with us, teaches us to fit our individual needs, push us to learn and appreciate music.

Qin Zheng

Ms. Li-An Chen started teaching my 7-year-old daughter piano in December 2009. My daughter just loves her! She has progressed so much in a very short time and is always looking forward to her piano lesson, unlike my other two kids (18 and 20) who took a lot of piano lessons with another instructor a few years ago. I see a huge difference between the way Ms.Chen teaches piano and the way my other two kids were taught. Ms. Chen is so patient; she knows how to motivate a child and her teaching techniques are so efficient. The way she combines theory with practice makes theory, which kids usually dread, seem to be fun. I highly recommend Ms. Chen.

Dr. Nada Salem Abisamra

Li-An is a wonderful teacher to both my daughter and myself. She has the patience to deal with my 11 year old daughter and the sense of humor to teach a 40 year old mom. We tried other piano teachers and other studios and nothing comes close to the personal and professional instruction we have received from Li-An Chen. In fact, we drive extra distance just to be in her class. I would recommend Li-An Chen to anyone who is serious about learning to play piano and about the theory behind the music.

Lorianna Viera

My two children had been taking private piano lessons from another teacher for more than five years before they started to take piano lessons from Ms. Li-An Chen since last September. For these three short months, we can tell that our children not only have made a tremendous amount of progress, but also started to enjoy more playing and practicing piano. Ms. Chen is a talented and patient teacher, and her teaching techniques are specific for each of my children based on the level and the trouble spots. That is why our children have improved so much in such a short period. Ms. Chen's nice and kind personality makes taking the lessons more enjoyable and fun. I highly recommend Ms. Chen.

Dr. John Lin

Li-An is an excellent piano instructor and was very patient with me, as an adult beginner student. I advanced far quicker than I anticipated, because of her teaching approach and extensive knowledge of piano theory and style. She made learning fun and pushed me to succeed beyond my expectations. Thanks for your help Li-An.

Lt. Colonel Chris Wegner

Mary, our 6-year-old, has been taking lessons from Li-An Chen for a little more than four months now, and we are amazed at how much progress she has made. Mary has always loved music, but she had never played the piano (or any instrument) before—at all. Now she is loving playing songs she has known for years. She can also look at a new song and play it pretty well right off the bat. She has learned a lot, and she is enjoying it.

Ramesh & April Ponnuru

I have been with Ms. Chen for nearly a year now and so far my experience has been wonderful. Her teaching style finds an ideal balance between

encouragement and strictness, technique and emotion, and notes and musicality. It's exhilarating to be able to hear the difference by just adding a little emphasis here and a bit more wrist there under her instruction. She has made me a better round pianist, but also a "musician". Unlike my previous piano teacher, she has made practicing piano an enjoyable part of my daily routine.

Scythia Tong

I highly recommend Ms. Chen. Her hard work and dedication to teaching piano has reflected greatly upon my son’s piano playing skills. My son Henry was taking classes from another instructor for 4 months. In those 4 months, he was only able to play one song, couldn’t read any music notes, and had bad form. We decided to change instructor and found Ms. Chen. Henry has been with Ms. Chen for only 1 month and he is able to play almost 20 songs, read notes, and his posture has improved. Every time he masters a song, you can see the pride developing within him. The best part of Ms. Chen’s teaching is that my son is learning something new every time. It’s not the same repetitive exercise over and over again. The "bad habits" that my son developed in the previous instruction is slowly disappearing and his piano playing has improved. All the credit goes to Ms. Chen.

Joe Adams

Ms Li-An taught me piano from 8 to 13 years old. She is a very patient teacher yet she is firm. She gave me a solid foundation for my piano technique and gave me sight reading skill otherwise I would not have obtained. I remember always looking forward to my piano lessons. She taught me how to feel music with my heart. I never had hand injuries unlike my music colleagues because Ms Li-An has taught me how to relax and properly use my wrist and hand weight. Having only studied a few years with Ms. Li-An. My ability to play piece music without hearing it at first sight has become strength of mine.

Tzu-Hsin Hsiao

Ms. Li-An Chen has been teaching my six year old daughter music lessons for the past two months and my daughter’s progress in the short span of time has far exceeded my expectations. My daughter has learned to read and play basic music books, which vary from favorite kids songs to popular children hymns. And, she has begun to learn music theory and rhythm concepts. Ms. Chen is very patient and encouraging and employs a reward system to help children in their early stages of musical development. The fact that my daughter enjoys and looks forward to her weekly lessons and understands the importance of practice in her progress is the best testimonial I can give.

Michelle Roberts

My 6 year-old daughter and I each started taking weekly one-hour piano lessons with Ms. Chen about 8 months ago, and it has been a wonderful experience. Ms. Chen is an excellent teacher. Ms. Chen obviously is an accomplished pianist, and her teaching methods are impressive and individualized. My daughter and I have used a variety of little music books as we each have progressed—classical, rags/boogie, holiday music, music theory and so forth, and Ms. Chen selects each book for each of us based on what we enjoy playing and the nature of our progress. I can tell that she selects each book with great care. Ms. Chen is professional and certainly has imparted a feeling on my daughter that the piano is a great musical instrument, but at the same time she applauds and cheers encouragingly during my daughter’s lessons. In the first few months when I was starting with the most basic concepts (where is Middle C again?), Ms. Chen noticed and appreciated small steps of progress in my playing. It is important for both a younger child or an adult (I am 40) to be encouraged even as we just begin to play piano. My daughter and I are looking forward to playing in a recital this Spring.

J.D.Michael Williams

Li-An Chen has been teaching my two daughters piano lessons for only a couple of months now. They have both learned to read music with ease already. Her easy manner with the girls has really helped encourage their fast

progression. She provides them with a lot of different popular music they want to actually practice and play. She understands that the girls are in different stages of life and that one has a very demanding school and sports schedule. She handles them both - just right. I am really glad I found Ms. Chen. She is working out well for us. I believe she is a great piano teacher.

Maryjean Webb

I give my strongest recommendations for Li-An Chen for piano teacher. Li-An is an outstanding piano teacher. She is an extremely talented and caring piano teacher. I have known Li-An for about a year and without mistakes she is the best piano teacher that I have observed. Our son Humberto has been taking piano lessons since he was four years old and over the past five years we have moved from Hawaii to Virginia, back to the West Coast and now back in Virginia and we are extremely happy with the level of professionalism and dedication that Li-An has with her students. If you want your child to learn to play the piano, read music, and compose music with a high level of proficiency in a safe and professional environment, then give Li-An a call and she will take care of the rest.

Colonel Humberto Jones & Doris Jones

I highly recommend Li-An Chen as a piano teacher. My daughter has been taking Piano lessons with her for the past year and our experience has been nothing but wonderful. She is not only friendly and patient but also is good at gauging her student's level of knowledge and ability. She customized the music and lessons to her current skill level while at the same time provide challenges to keep the learning process going.

Thilaga Marimuthu

Li-An was my Piano Instructor from first grade to freshman year of high school. The first day with her I expected nothing but a disciplined lesson. I was wrong, for the reason that she taught through her own systematic and creative approach. For example, she provided activities and quirky methods to help me learn notes and recognize keys on the piano. Such activities included matching the tunes with the keys and developing my own wacky acronyms for the scales. Her fun methods not only lured me into playing, but also helped me establish a bond with her and a new attitude towards playing.

She was gracious and did not speak overbearingly to me on the first day. An introduction to several pieces and warm-ups were clarified, and demonstrations were uncomplicated given that she acknowledged I was a novel student and had no previous experience in piano. Her consideration surfaced continuously when she would accommodate her teaching style to fit my learning needs with inventive techniques. Throughout every lesson she would inform me the importance of relaxation and imagination, which were two elements that guided me through a piece. For example, she advised me to sink into the music and imagine I was in the midst of it. 

Her originality, inspiration, thoughtfulness, and friendship have shaped me into a piano player I never knew I could be. Li-An is an exceptional teacher, who cares about her students and provides creative ways to alleviate her students’ stress. She is intelligent in teaching and in music, and is well informed of how to present different teaching styles for each student. 

Frankie Chang

I am an eight year old kid. I first learned how to learn the piano in group class for two years. Now I am learning private class with Ms. Li An Chen for three months. I improve my skills on reading the musical notes. And Ms. Chen teaches me different kinds of music, such as Jazz, Classics and modern music. I learn a lot of music from her. She is a patient and kind Piano Instructor. I am very happy learning with her.

Richard Huang

Li-An has been an amazing instructor to my 8 year old son and myself. My son has been playing for 3 years and Li-An has taken him to the next level in a challenging but yet fun way. She has also inspired me to start taking lessons and even challenges me. We are looking forward to our first piano competition tomorrow and it is all thanks to Li-An.

Dr. Meghan Kennedy & Quinn Kennedy

I highly recommend Li-An as a piano teacher. She has taught my 7 year old daughter to read music in just a few short months. She is patient with her and gives her the confidence and encouragement to play independently. She is very focused on her students and I would highly recommend her to any child or adult who wants to learn to play the Piano.

Taryn Sifakis

My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Ms. Li-An since Nov 2010 and she is always looking forward to it. Ms. Li-An has undeniable gift for teaching others what she loves to do. She has the ability of keeping her student engaged and interested as they move up. My daughter was able to participate in the Spring Festival and was graded "Superior" by both judges. Normally it requires six months of piano experience to participate in the festival and this is my daughter's first lesson. I am so happy with my daughter's progress. I highly recommend the creative and inspirational techniques of Li-An for anyone who would like to learn piano or improve their skills.

Rebecca Daniel

Dear Li-An, Learning to play the piano with you has been a really wonderful experience for me. I could not even read music so that has been a challenge for me, but you have made it fun and enjoyable. The thing I like about your teaching is that you let me exceed my own that I mean that you have faith in me and it helps me to have faith in myself even when I get frustrated with a particular piece of music. You are always so positive and that rubs off on your students. Thank you for taking on a old timer like me and helping me to exceed way past anything I thought possible for myself. Piano is fun because you make it fun!

Jane Andree

I can not say enough good things about Li An Chen Piano Studio. Li An is an incredibly gifted piano teacher. Right away she taught my nine year old son to read music and to play the piano with both hands. Within four months he was competing in the Spring Music Festival where he achieved a score of Superior. Li An is patient and methodical in her teaching methods which my son responded to right away. Her personal manner and obvious love of piano made quite an impression on our family. She is absolutely the best choice for a piano teacher in Northern Virginia.

Kelly Turner

I have always loved the piano ever since I was a little girl. My dream was to one day master the piano and play it to my heart's content. But growing up poor, I couldnt afford to materialize my dream.

When I migrated to the United States, I paid my cousin, who is a professional musician, to teach me how to play the piano. He told me that I was a fast learner and would give me these songs to practice and play but not truly teach me anything. I was smart enough to remember what notes to play next but I could not read the music. I felt I was getting a disservice. I fired my cousin.

After completing my BBA, I decided to venture out and look for a new piano teacher who can truly teach me how to play the piano. I went online and found Li-An. After reading the testimonials, I called her and expressed my interest. She then set up an interview with me to see how serious I really was, is my guess.

Then I began classes with her.

Li-An is an excellent teacher. She is very patient with me when I was not patient with myself. She is teaching me to read and write music. I have told my co-workers about her and recommended her highly. One of my co-workers who live close by to her signed his 6 year old daughter up and too, is very happy he did. I wish my circumstances would allow me to practice more often but I do look forward to every class with her. She is an excellent teacher and I couldn't be happier with the service she provides me. I recommend her enthusiastically.


Christine Scipio

Li-An Chen is an excellent piano teacher. She uses a variety of teaching materials and methods to help students learn more quickly and completely. She is very efficient and effective, and has a pleasant, patient manner. My wife and I have already improved a lot from just a few months of lessons with her. We recommend her very highly!

Nelson Egbert & Shaoqiong Zheng

I cannot believe that with only 6 weeks of lessons, my daughter, Cynthia is playing so well on the piano. As she is an older student, I am so impressed with her teacher, Li- An !!! I was a musician in my life before I made a career in the Army. When my daughter plays I am so insprired at your teaching abilities when only 6 lessons have occured. Keep the music going from young and old. You are a wonderful/most qualified teacher!

Rt. Colonel. Jack M. Cynthia

Ms. Lian Chen has been teaching my two children piano for the last few months and they love her. She is patient and kind and the children have improved so much. My 4 year old does a 1 hour lesson and wants more! I would highly recommend Ms. Chen.

Jacqueline Matthews

Over the past three years, we have sifted through our share of in home piano instruction and I am happy to say that we have found a gem in Ms. Chen. From our initial interview to the present, Ms. Chen has been exceptional in her ability to connect musically with my daughter. She is patient, but also establishes high expectations of her students. She is very clear in setting these goals and expects her students to commit to the task of learning. Not once has my daughter expressed discomfort with Ms. Chen. I believe that Ms. Chen's quiet ease -- exuded in her lovely studio -- creates an atmosphere where quiet, focused learning takes place. Ms. Chen offers a child-friendly array of piano books and instructs from those books (which we purchase). My daughter can participate in choosing the pieces she wants to learn. As a result, she has quite the repertoire now and strives to learn the new music because the musical pieces are contemporary. She almost forgets the difficulty of some of the music because she enjoys impressing her friends with the polished, finished piece. Ms. Chen does, however, introduce classical pieces to round out the repertoire. Ms. Chen incorporates theory, and scales, and continually reinforces sight reading skills. She has a friendly reward system which builds in my daughter the confidence that her instructor is also proud of her effort. Another lovely benefit is that my daughter is able to enjoy her weekly lesson using Ms. Chen's gorgeous, perfectly tuned baby grand piano. There is no question that my daughter feels the wonderful sense of the 'upgrade' ( we have an older upright) when she is welcomed to learn on such a beautiful, well-kept instrument. We have been with Ms. Chen for eight months now and I am relieved our search for a competent, skilled, engaged piano instructor is over. I confidently look forward to seeing my daughter continue to blossom under Ms. Chen's tutelage.

Kimberly White

My son started piano with Ms. Chen, less than a year ago and has thrived under her technological instruction. She has been inspirational to my son, which is a rare quality in a teacher to be both inspiring and technically outstanding. We are so glad we found her.

Aideen Mannion

Ms. Li-An is nice, warm and supportive teacher so my daughter enjoys

practicing piano. She tailors her teaching style to the needs of the student. She is patient, focused and strives hard to provide the best for her student. She is an awesome piano teacher !

Roeddel Dioquino

Ms Chen is always ready on time & gives good advice. I always learn a great deal at her lessons.

Brooke Teferra

Our 4 year old came to Ms. Chen with no prior knowledge of piano.She quickly learned the music alphabet and began to read and play simple songs. Her consistent improvement since then is in large part due to Ms. Chen's teaching style. She is patient, encouraging, and truly tailors the lesson to the needs of the student. Thank you.

Judy Hoekstra

Li-An Chen has been my piano teacher for the past year and a half, and I like how professional and nice she is. She is very determined to get all of her students to be masters at piano, and her teaching skills are amazing.

Adey Fentaw

Li-An has taught Catherine how to read music. She is very encouraging and seems to have a good long tern plan for her students.

Beth Clark

After one month of weekly lessons with Ms.Li-An Chen, my 6-year-old daughter is reading music! She has progressed so much in just a few weeks, and looks forward to lessons and choosing her "reward" (a small gift from Li-An) afterward. Li-An's teaching method ensures that my daughter isn't simply learning by rote, but truly understands what she is learning.

Casey McCants

Ms. Chen is an exceptional teacher who has been teaching our sons (ages 11 and 8) for the last two years and has increased their skills exponentially since they started lessons with her. Our sons have been taking piano lessons since they were both 5 years old but it wasn't until they started with Li-An that their true musical abilities became evident. We love her method of teaching which is catered to each individual student and their level of learning. Our youngest son was in an accident during his first year of instruction yet she never missed a beat and he was still able to achieve a rating of 'Superior' during the local music festival. She is a phenomenal teacher and I wish we could take her with us when we move to Colorado in the summer. Thank you Ms. Chen for everything...we will miss you.

Cleve & Sam Wiltz

Ms. Li-An Chen has taught our daughter Mia since Fall 2012. Every time Mia gets in our car, I always ask her how the lesson went...Mia's response is always great! And that Ms. Li-An is so nice!

Since Fall 2012, Mia has not only been guided in playing the piano, but has also been addressed in the importance of music theory and reading music.

Our daughter Mia, has learned more technique, passion, and progression into her piano practice since working with Ms. Li-An Chen. Mia has had two prior piano teachers before Ms. Li-An Chen.

Ms. Li-An Chen brings forth a balance of pride, discipline, support, and encouragement.

Karen & Cody Hodges

Within a few weeks of guidance under Ms. Chen. We noticed improvements in our daughters' playing. Her teaching style is very effective - patient, encouraging, gentle yet at the same time assertive. She has helped our daughter play beautiful music. Ms. Chen is an excellent piano teacher and I highly recommend her!

Loan Le

We are thrilled to have found Ms. Chen. We have been with her a month now and she is an excellent teacher. Our son adores her and really feels like he is getting alot out of each lesson. We are all excited in what lies ahead for him working with Ms. Chen.

Alex & Rakeb Sisay

Li-An Chen is such a teacher. In the fifteen months that our daughter spent studying with her, she made great progress in both her technique and music appreciation. We liked the fact that she is strict in her teaching techniques at the same time she is attentive to a student's individual needs. Especially appreciated was her mix of music pieces that included jazz, pop, Broadway songs along with the traditional classical pieces.

Bill & Tara Rougle

When our son Hudson was born, his father shared his vision of what he would like for our son. On that list, have Hudson learn how to play the piano. He called it having the gift of another language. Li-An Chen, in Alexandria, Virginia has helped us fulfill that dream.

Li-An comes with the right credentials. She is certified by the prestigious Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Virginia Music Teachers Association (VMTA) and the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association (NVMTA). That means, this is not a part time job for her. She is truly a professional. She is fully committed to honoring and enforcing core piano principles. The standards of her state and national certification requires that she not only have knowledge of the piano, performing and theory but a comprehensive understanding of how to get the best out of each student. She is proficient at creating individualized lessons while honoring the fundamental principles of piano playing. Her way is not the easy way. No shortcuts allowed. But her way is effective way and it is fun. And the results speak for themselves. Just attend one of her bi-annual recitals and be prepared to be blown away by the poise, and professionalism of her students, many of them barely out of first grade and a few with children of their own.

So when we hear the sound of a classical piece by Clamenti being played confidently and passionately in our home by our thirteen year old son, we say it’s worth the drive! We say it’s worth the time! We say it’s worth the investment! Small price for the lifelong gift of another language!

AJ, Charlie & Hudson

During the past five years, Natania has enjoyed having you as her piano teacher. Thanks to your professionalism and high standards, Natania has made great progress both in piano playing and in studying music theory. She not only learned how to play piano but also gained life benefits in learning how to love, enjoy, and understand music. Due to your diligence and patience, she has been able to advance considerably in playing the piano and has also been able to perform extremely well in the Piano Festivals she attended. She always enjoyed playing at the annual recitals and playing the pieces she has been working on for the other students. She is truly grateful for all you have done for her to advance her piano playing abilities.

Hiwote Tadesse

Before I came to Li-An Chen I could not read sheet music, my songs were choppy, and I had pains in my wrists and back whenever I played. I have been studying with Li-An Chen only for a few months and my piano playing has improved tenfold. I now have multiple techniques, my ear has improved, and I am developing my own style - oh and no more pain when I play! Her teaching style is very versatile so she is able to teach all ages and skills levels. Li-An observes your current level and strategically provides you with techniques to practice, so she does not overwhelm you with too much information in one lesson. But at the same time, if you learn fast she will teach you enough so your level accelerates quickly. Learning under Li-An has been great and I have already recommended her to my friends and family.

Jack Wilson

Li-an Chen is a piano teacher of unexpected range and consideration. She will manage your lessons to suit your particular piano journey. I myself was able to

pursue Jazz music in spite of that fact that Li-an typically teaches classical because she wants to help you learn what you want to play. She doesn't require that you learn a certain way. She teaches for you and not the other way around. An overall great piano teacher who tailors the lesson to fit your journey. I highly recommend her.

Graham Andree

Ms. Chen, Thank you for being an amazing piano teacher. I hope I will come back. I enjoyed the recitals, You are amazing at making piano fun. You are great at telling jokes. You were the best teacher I ever had. Thanks for everything! You have a beautiful house and piano. I really hope I can come back soon and so do my parents. You are the Greatest! Love, Eyob.

Eyob Sisey

Thank you Miss Chen! It's hard to believe the 4 years-old would be able to understand music theory and enjoy playing piano and singing along after only a few lessons with you. Thank you for your time and your patience! :)

Vi Nguyen

Li-An Chen is a fabulous teacher. As an adult studying piano I was unsure what to expect with lessons. But Li-An has a teaching method that guides you to skill and technique acquisition. Following her method and with daily practice I was able to sight read most music in 4 months time. I am amazed that I can play a wide variety of music very well. And so are my friends and relatives who hear me play! Li-An is patient and encouraging, but also pushes you to learn more and challenge yourself with increasingly difficult compositions. If you take lessons with Li-An you will really enjoy your lessons and skill mastery.

J.D. Sherri Schornstein

Bye Miss Chen. I love you and I will really miss you. You are the best piano teacher in the world! Thank you for teaching me all I know about playing piano. I love music and you.

Grace Le

Dear Ms. Chen, I hope I didn't have to switch since I love you so much. I hope we get to see each other again, but for now bye. My heart will always sing to yours!

Maddie Le

Li-An Chen is an amazing teacher. My five-year-old son wanted to study piano and showed an affinity for music. I wanted a teacher who would challenge him while also instilling a love of music and sense of accomplishment. Ms. Chen is such a dedicated teacher! She helped my son achieve incredible things, all while working patiently with him to lay the groundwork for longer-term technical mastery and theoretical understanding. She is wonderfully responsive to the student - she picked up on my son's love of jazz and improvisation and used it to teach him the basics of composition, while also maintaining his interest and proficiency in classical styles. She found ways to engage and reward an active little boy. He loves her and absolutely loves his piano lessons. Wherever we go people comment on how "talented" our son is. He is talented, but only the best teacher can bring that out. Ms. Chen has students off all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels. We feel so lucky to have found her. Absolutely the best.

Dr. Kay Agoston

Dear Li-An, Thank you so much for the past couple years of my life. I appreciate everything you have done for me. You made piano special for me. I have a bunch of memories I will cherish forever. I really appreciate the pack of erasers. I will add to my collection. Also, thank you for pushing my mom for a better piano :). I will miss you so much and I hope I will see you around. Thank you for everything and you have a special place in my heart!

Catherine Clark

I once attended a recital Li-An Chen organized for her students. What a good exposure for her students, a great training and experience for them as well. I saw the dedication from Li-An to her students, as well as her patience and gentle approach.

Tracy Wong

Ms. Chen is a wonderful piano instructor. I started taking lessons with her about 6 months ago and feel like I've made tremendous progress already. I would not be this far along in such little time had I stuck with some of my other piano instructors.

Ms. Chen takes a personalized approach to teaching. She takes into account your personal musical preference and will tailor her lessons towards what you like. Along your journey, Ms. Chen will teach you how to play both with proper technique and general musicality. Ms. Chen will keep challenging you with new pieces and make sure you are a well rounded pianist.

As an adult student, I was looking for a teacher who could accomodate my schedule. In that regard, Ms. Chen has been highly flexible with her time. She also understands that sometimes I will not have time to practice. This isn't a problem for her so long as you're making a good faith effort to work hard.

Above all, Ms. Chen is highly invested in her students. She genuinely wants you to succeed and wants you to enjoy your piano journey. Ms. Chen is fairly strict and demanding at times, but you could call it tough love. She'll also give you candy if you practice :D

Yousaf Bajwa

My son had taken piano for several years before switching to Ms. Chen. Once he started with Ms Chen, he accelerated faster in a few weeks than the whole time he had played before. Now he reads music without my assistance and has really taken ownership of playing the piano. A few things that I appreciate about her most: she is extremely respectful of your time and the time of others (she uses every minute of the lesson to provide instruction), she fosters independence to the young performer, she is dedicated to the success of our son

Laura Helen

My daughter has been playing piano for nearly 8 years. This September my daughter started taking lessons with Li-An and the difference in her playing has been instanious. I have never met a more dedicated, talented, caring teacher than Li-An Chen. I am so excited to see how my daughter will continue to grow musically while learning from Li-An.

Jasmine Henry

Li-An Chen is an exceptional teacher and musician whose methods result in students who read music fluently, have outstanding technique, and perform at high levels.

My daughter has been taking lessons from Li-An for one year and eight months. Under Li-An's instruction, she has become a proficient sight reader and is playing at an advanced level for her age and the time that she has been taking lessons. Most importantly, she has learned the discipline that daily practice requires. She has worked hard and has reaped the benefits of that work, a learning experience that builds character, confidence, and good habits.

Li-An has taken the care and time to understand our daughter and to challenge her appropriately. She cares that my daughter has fun and enjoys the music. She has taught my daughter techniques that I did not learn in my 11 years of lessons as a child and adolescent. Hearing Li-An play is nothing short of inspirational, and she is teaching my daughter the same techniques that she studied and that led her to be such an outstanding musician. 

 Lessons with Li-An are worth every penny. It is a big expense for our family, but we are not going anywhere because the piano instruction that Li-An gives is unparalleled, and the life lessons beyond that are invaluable. 

In truth, I found Li-An’s studio online when I was ready to start my daughter in lessons a little over two years ago, but I opted for some less expensive lessons to start. In those few months of “beginner” lessons at another studio, my daughter used a primer book and played the same songs over and over, simply memorizing the hand position and patterns but not learning to read the music. She also learned songs that were right-hand dominant, which led to her left-hand reading skills being very weak.

Li-An's teaching method is entirely different and yields tremendous results. We are so grateful to Li-An for what she is teaching our daughter. After her first 8 months of lessons, my daughter performed at the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival at the Elementary Class IV (the ninth of nineteen levels); a year later, she performed this month at the Moderately Difficult Class III level (the thirteenth of nineteen levels). With weekly lessons and practice time of about 30 minutes a day, she earned the highest rating of “Superior” at the festival both years, in both her performance and on the required theory tests. This accomplishment is a testament to the type of instruction Li-An offers. My daughter is not a slave to the piano. Practice is a daily priority, but the life lessons go beyond that. Li-An made it all possible.

J.D. Nancy Hunt

On a whim, having never played any musical instruments nor being able to read music, I decided to book a piano lesson with Li-An. After coming to her first lesson, I enjoyed learning to play the piano with Li-An so much that I have discovered a new passion in my life for music. Li-An is a wonderful instructor, whose encouragement and patience, as well as immense knowledge of piano, helps any student flourish, no matter their skill level or previous experience. On top of being a great teacher, she is also a delight to work with. I would recommend anyone who is considering playing the piano to work with Li-An Chen!

Leanne Iorio