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Li-An Chen Piano Studio


30 minutes - $65

45 minutes - $95

60 minutes - $120


(1) Tuition payments are due in advance by the first day of each month. Late fee is $30. Returned check fee is $30.

(2) A deposit of $100 is due upon acceptance of registration that includes supplies of music books and a $30 non-refundable registration fee. At the conclusion of the contract, any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded to the student. Additional non-refundable music test fees will be collected if students would like to attend.

(3) A written four-week advance notice is mandatory for termination of contract for all parties.

(4) Students should arrive on time and be picked up promptly at the end of each lesson.

(5) Shoes, food, smoking and drinks are not allowed in the studio. Water is acceptable.

(6) Photographs and videos taken by the studio may be used for promotional purposes.

(7) To maximize learning experience for the students, parents should not remain with student during lessons unless invited by Li-An Chen. Parents are welcome to stay in the studio waiting room where lessons can be observed easily.

(8) Students, student’s parents and legal guardians agree to waive any claim(s) of liability against Li-An Chen and Li-An Chen Piano Studio.

(9) Li-An Chen reserves the right to terminate this contract at her discretion.

(10) No shows/missed lessons:

a) During regular school year (Sept-June), no make-up lessons will be offered to students who miss lessons due to travel, illness, or conflicts of scheduling. Only exception for make-up lesson is for school closure due to inclement weather.

b) During summer (July-Aug) and holidays (e.g., spring break or winter break), a 72-hour advance notice is required for missed lessons. If a 72-hour notice is given, no payment is required or a make-up lesson may be scheduled.

These no show rules are to be followed strictly as: (1) Li-An Chen spent hundreds of hours to organize recitals and to prepare students for national federal music tests at no cost to students. (2) This is out of respect for the fact that a specific time is set-aside for each student. This time is reserved and cannot be filled at short notice by another student. Please respect her time.